Top 5 expat-friendly spots for expat sports The Hague

Do you want to feel good? And meet new people? Go play sports! One of the things that really helped me socialise and improve my wellbeing when I lived abroad was to join a sportclub. Whether you like boxing, fitness, cross fit, tennis or salsa, playing sports is a great way to socialise, have fun and to get yourself in great shape. But how do you find the best expat-friendly spots for expat sports in The Hague? No worries, we sorted them out for you! Read further to find our top five list of the best Expat sports The Hague.
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  1. Crossfit Ninja’s

The name reveals it, this crossfit-box will turn you in to a genuine Ninja! Located in the upcoming area ‘Binckhorst’, which is an area near The Hague Central Station and the highway, so it’s easy to reach by car and by public transportation. Also, free parking in the nearby area! WOD’s are given regularly from 07.00 A.M. till 09.00 P.M. by very skilled instructors who are very involved with your progress and wellbeing. Classes are fun, but tough and there is room for a joke. Join this BOX and you will walk in a warm bath of enthusiastic, sportive people who are likely to become new friends. All classes are in English and you are definitely not the only non-dutchie! Check their website: for more info!

  1. Gezond aan zee OUTDOOR Scheveningen 

‘Gezond aan zee’ translates to: Healthy At Sea. If that does not sound interesting.. One of the biggest advantages of living in The Hague is the 11 km coastline in your backyard. Why not make the most of it while you’re here? Your toes buried in the sand, you feel the wind rage through your hair and the salty water splashes in your face. Oh wait, aaand, you are working out. The training is varying, functional and daring for everyone, given by specialists how are passionate for the outdoors. Expect surfing (yes, this is possible in The Netherlands), running, strength and more. Good to know: you don’t need your own surfboard or other material! Check their website: for more info!

  1. SalsAventura

A true salsa adventure.. Ai caramba! If that doesn’t get you going.. This dancing paradise has multiple venue’s in The Hague and out. We recommend Salsaventura in the Torenstraat, right in the epic center of The Hague, near to nice bars and restaurants and easy to reach by public transportation and by car. The ambiance of Salsaventura is professional and friendly and their music sweeps you off your feet! Dancing classes and workshops are available for all levels of dancing, so don’t worry if you haven’t felt a salsa floor before. And don’t forget to have a drink after you finished your class, because they have a very nice bar! Check their website: for more info!

  1. Ceasar fitness and spa resort – Mauritskade

If you see yourself combining exercise with luxury then this is the place for you! Located in the center of The Hague Ceasar sportsclub and spa resort offers you everything you need after a long day of work. Join of the many classes given by skilled instructors, or work out in the general fitness area where instructors are at your service to help you and direct you for the best results. The flamboyance of this club is amazing. Imagine yourself in Ceasar Castle, with his giant centred pool with great high windows, gorgeous spa area and threat yourself for a nice cup of coffee after your workout in the attached lunchroom. A lot of expats here as well! Check their website: for more info!

  1. Try ONEFIT!

This app is great for the who want it, well, ALL! Yes, that’s right. With the ONEFIT app, you can join classes from 65 different sport clubs in The Hague. This means you can try yoga one day, go for a jump at the trampoline school another day and finish the week with a day at the Kurhaus Spa or an intensive spinning work-out in one of the gym’s that suit your favour. What we love the most is that you can really explore the city and all different kinds of sports that it offers. And, no strings attached with the ONEFIT-app. You can finish or start your subscription each month. Check their website: for more info!

  1. Carel de Bruijn Tennis – Warmond

You are right if you are checking the title of this blog again. Because these are not five but six spots for expat sports The Hague! This one is not really IN our city, but it’s offer is so great that we couldn’t wait sharing this with you! Carel de Bruijn Tennis offers flexible, private tennis lessons and tennis courses in Warmond which is just a half hour away by car from our lovely city. The location is also easy reachable by public transportation. Carel de Bruijn has a passion for making people better at playing tennis. Within weeks you’ll receive the best results! What we also love about Carel de Bruijn tennis is that it’s flexible tennis. You don’t need to buy a full course. You can just try it for once to see if it suits you. And trying a new club also gives you the opportunity to meet new people! Check for more information! Mention: Dutchify and the first five customers receive a free lesson.

We hope this list provided you with some helpfull tips for finding your new sportsclub. Need help? Feel free to contact us!


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