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At Dutchify, we strive to create the best connection with you and your needs, while handling all communication and negotiations from moment we find an apartment to your liking. While searching for the perfect home, we are the intermediary between you and the market.
Ramona Valimareanu

It is true, the market is overheated and it can happen that the home of your dreams is being already booked by another tenant as we speak. Which is why we are here to help you, into dealing with something you cannot do on your own, in only a couple of steps.


Dutchify Roadmap 1-1

1. Interview - It all starts with an email or a phone call where you provide us with all the needed information with regards to your relocation: preferred location, your budget boundaries, a balcony or other important aspects, and when would you like to move in. These are the most crucial details we need in order to start right away.



The interview will result in confirmation of assignment which we need you to sign, next to this your personal agent will also build a file of your documents that are needed to support your relocation. The only thing stopping us now is the payment which you can easily do online. From there, we estimate that two weeks will be enough to deliver what you expect!

2. Planning & Viewing - During the interview we will discuss the boundaries you will allow us to work within to ensure your placement. Whether you only want to be informed about the end result or want to know step-by-step what is going on, that is completely up to you.



Your agent will plan your agenda and accompany you to the viewings. Don't worry if you are still abroad, we can also do the viewings for you, because we have the latest in 360 video technology.

3. Making offers and negotiating - Our legal partner will check your tenancy contract for any flaws or liability. We will also be signing you for a full year membership (free of charge) upon receiving the confirmation assignment signed.



We think it is important to keep adding value to your life, even after you are settled in, and a full year of legal protection for any problems is just the thing to keep you safe. After getting a green light from our partner you can sign the agreements and we will plan the actual handover of the apartment.

4. Check in for deposit protection - Your agent will be present during check-in to make sure the apartments’ state is properly documented. We are experts when it comes to important details you need to watch out for during check-in, so we will make sure that your report is accurate and complete.



This also protects your deposit when you leave, because who likes to lose deposit money over a error in the report?

5. During your tenancy we will be by your side when needed. You are new to this country and sometimes Dutchies do things a little bit different. That's why you will have Dutchify to translate, interpret or intermediate when needed.



6. Dutchify does so much more than just ‘tenancy management’. Questions about taxation, liability, transportation or any other questions about living in the Netherlands are more then welcome to us. In most cases we don’t charge a thing for these extras.



In the end, no matter which type of service you choose from us - either Subscription or Package - they all aim towards the same goal: Finding you a perfect home abroad while being honest, helpful and cost efficient!

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