Moving to The Netherlands

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In expat stories you’ll read about the different experiences expats have had while moving to the Netherlands.

Moving to The Netherlands


My name is Katrina, I'm a 20 year old IMEM student who moved from Latvia two years ago. I’m going to share my story with you from deciding to take the chance on Holland to officially moving to The Netherlands. Last week I told you about my hometown and my decision to move to The Netherlands. This week I'll tell you about my departure and my first week here. Enjoy!



Super excited 
Passing the English test meant I was ready to register for the first schoolyear. My mom and my dad were really supportive of me moving to The Netherlands. My mom was so proud, I was living her dream by exploring another country and studying there. My excitement for moving to The Netherlands was going out of the roof. I organized a lot of events as the student council president in my country and this education gave me the opportunity to connect my life with this industry.

Don't chicken out dear!
As I told my excitement was going like crazy from the moment I decided to leave till the departure date. But as this date got closer, I started to chicken out a little. And that ‘little’ turned into a-lot. All kinds of questions were popping up in my head like: what if I’m making the wrong decision? And, what if I’ll miss my family? My mum stept in and said: keep your shit together Katrina! This is going to be a wonderful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! And she was right.

First week of moving to The Netherlands
In  my first week my dad happily joined me. I found The Netherlands to be very flowery and I loved the canals but what I most liked were the people. Everybody seemed so happy! Even the cassiers and the people in customer service wishing me a good day and all, this is perfect! While exploring the country I still didn’t find a home and I needed to leave the hotel where I spend my time with my dad. Luckily I found a place through couchsurfing that bought me some time to find a home. I spend all my time looking online and in FB groups till finally somebody send me an PM, providing me a place. Yes! I was so happy!

Read about my time in the shared student apartment and my first week at school next week! Moving to The Netherlands is great, or not?

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