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Alice van der Laan

Let's start at the beginning.  Hinko was born in ‘Oud Beijerland’ a town  in the province of South Holland.                                                                    


Being the son of an entrepreneur, he knows the ins- and outs of managing a company from a very young age. Starting his own company was therefore not a matter of what but more a when. Hinko moved from Oud Beijerland to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to The Hague. That happened 10 years ago and he hasn't left since.

Hinko 1 

‘I enjoy The Hague a lot. I like the fact

that there is always something to do

on a social-cultural level and I enjoy

the open-mentality of the people'

Why housing?

The interest in housing started 6 years ago when I worked in a real-estate agency in Montenegro. I found the redevelopment of real-estate very interesting. I loved the fact that it’s so agile and shape-able and especially in relation to people. You can say that there the enthusiasm started with always wanting to connect people to real-estate.

Why did you come back to the Netherlands?
Allthough Montenegro was fun, The Netherlands were calling and I went back to The Hague to dip myself in the Dutch real-estate market. I wanted to know all there is to know about Dutch Housing and needed questions answered like:

 What makes a home a home?
How can I shorten the distance between supply and demand?
How can I help and inform people?
How do I zoom in on the client’s needs?

While getting the answers to these questions I met Nick through a mutual friend. I was mind blown when I discovered he had the same thoughts as I had. In the most simple of words that is how dutchify was born.

Hinko and Nick together 


What is your focus within dutchify?

Nick focusses on the legal- and business processes within the company while I am more on the road. I like to meet new people and to find out how to connect the right people to the company. I’m a ‘people-person’ and I look out every day for coming together with the team and having lunch, sharing stories and to see where we stand.


‘I have full trust in the team, and I strive to give them enough space to gro. I must say you can only do that when you have THE BEST, and we are very thankful for that. We give them the freedom to come with ideas and they surprise me every day. We just give them water and let them gro. It is wonderful to witness that.’

The dutchify team


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